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July 13, 2012
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PokePaws -Ivy App- by slycooper998 PokePaws -Ivy App- by slycooper998

Edit: New App! -Evolved-

Chikorita ---> Bayleef [link] ---> ~~~

My application sheet for Poke-Paws!

Name: Ivy
Gender: Female
Species (Pokemon): Chikorita
Type: Grass
Rank: Shop Keeper
- Tackle
- Growl
- Razor leaf
- Synthesis

(She would have had vine whip instead of growl but its only an egg move. :U)

{Sweet/Posative}- She hates letting anyone down. If you asked her to give bad news to somebody she wouldn't be able to handle it without tearing up herself. She tries to always keep a smile on her face even in the worst of situations. She thinks if she does others might feel better because of it. It takes alot to put her down but if she is, its easy for a friend to cheer her back up.

{Thoughtful}- She is always trying to put others first. Sure, shop duties get in the way of that sometimes but she still tries. She is always helping out other in the square and market. You will often see her running around with a basket of supplies on her back with her leaf holding it tightly. She will often have to put others worries ahead of her own so she doesn't have much time, or any, to think of herself.

{Curious}- She has a bit of an adventurous and curious side. She likes to test new things whenever she gets the chance. When she has time, you can often find her in a small part of a shop messing with diffrent berrys seeing what they could do. Most of the time she just ends up with a messy cought. Other times she is seen looking around the forrest for any berries, weird objects, or watching others train.

{Dreamer}- She will always say she has 'big dreams' for things or crazy ideas that could never work. It causes her to be very creative and risky. She would rather think up a crazy solution than just deal with the problem at hand. Once she sees her ideas won't work she just goes the simple route but will never give up on her other thoughts. If given the chance, she will day dream all day and night. Some say its better if she just stays busy.

{Sassy}- She may look just nice and sweet but she has a bit of sass' in her too. If somebody is bugging her or being rude, she isn't afraid to tell them what she's thinking. She wouldn't resort to vilance right then and there but she will talk their ears off. That bit of personality is what can make her seem someone nice to be around, or a bother to deal with.

Pokerus Personality:
:bulletwhite:White Pokerus- Her pokerus will make her forget about others worries and her work. Its easy to tell if she is in Pokerus mode because she won't listen to a word your saying. She is even more happy when in the mode but after she snaps out of it, she feels a bit bad for how she might have been treating others.

Help Item: Power Anklet
- She had found it lost in the forrest. She was just taking a nice walk, to see if she could find any berries for the shop, when she seen it at the trunk of a tree. She brought it to the square and market asking if anyone had lost it. She even tracked down a few rangers to see if anyone had reported losing it. She never found who's it was so she wears it as a lucky charm. Whenever she runs into a new face she asks them if they know anything about it and if its thiers. She always gets the same 'No, miss. Sorry.' answer.

Some Background Info:
She's had a realativly simple life. Her parents were nice and loving to her. They worked at the market and wanted her to work with them. They had asked her if she minded helping out. Of course, not wanting to let them down, she said yes. She never complained about it and truly did love it but it wasn't what she always felt like doing. When she was younger she often thought about being a explorer instead of working in a shop. She loved to climb trees to look out at the distance and think of what could be out there to see. She would always want sit in the square and listen to the stories that the explorers would come back and tell. She still hasn't given up on those thoughts but now that she's older and has a lot more responabilaties to worry about. When her parents left, randomly disappeared while out, she had to take on there responsabilaties at the shop. She spends most of her time helping out others with supplies, advice, or directions if some one happens to be lost. She is often seen running around places with a basket on her back full of supplies. If empty, you can guess she is off to find and collect berries.

She has heard some news of the odd figures, that wear the letter R, seen around by others. When in the square she will eavesdrop on conversations about the subject. She tries not to worry about it for very long but she keeps the information she has learned at the back of her head at all times. She would want to ask more questions about the subject but knows that it might not be the best idea right now.

~To be updated as she does more~


:bulletwhite:- Aquantance
:bulletblue:- Friend
:bulletgreen:- Good Friend
:bulletpink:- Crush
:bulletred:- Love
:bulletorange:- Unsure
:bulletblack:- Hate/Discomfort

Tanaka:bulletwhite:/:bulletwhite:- I had meet him at the festival but I didn't really get the chance to talk with him for very long. He he made a little visit to my store during the festival as well. I wouldn't mind speaking with him again sometime.

Ricard:bulletwhite:/:bulletwhite:- Another poke I had meet at the festival. He was pretty nice poke and I wouldn't mind chatting with him again either.

~To be updated

RP Example:
"Phew!" Ivy blurted out as she sat down her basket next to the outside of the shop. She slumped down on the ground, practicaly panting from the effort. She was obviously tired from the extra work today. Some explorers were heading off somewhere and she had to get alot of supplies ready. She had been running around non-stop trying to get everything they needed. Once she had almost triped and dumped a basket full of barries on and unexpecting cat. As she watched the square shifting with others looking around, chatting or just making there way through to some place else, she thought. It must be crazy! Heading out to some unknown place to find who-knows-what... She was still trying to steady her breathing as she shiften her leaf around to touch her basket. She turned her head and staired at the inside of the tightly woven straw basket. I will need to go find some more Oran berries before I start relaxing. As the square continued to shift around with cats, she slowly got back onto her paws, snatched up her basket, and headed off to her normal berry picking place. Her paws dragged a bit at first but after the thought of the sweet smell of the forrest, her troud picked up pace until she was almost sprinting again.

Ivy's Pictures:
[link] -Chibi- 15 points
[link] -Bee- 30 points
[link] -First Painting- 16 points
[link] -First evo Headshot- NONE
[link] -Synthesis- NONE
[link] -Razor Leaf- 15 points
[link] -HypoKits- 10 points
[link] -Making Deliveries- 10 points
[link] -Setting Up Shop- 20 points
[link] -A White Winter- 15 points
[link] -Christmas Decorating- 20 points
[link] -Hot Cocoa with Ricard- ~~~

Total EXP: 151 (~~~)
To evolve (total): 150 -first evolution- 300 -second evolution-

Poke-Paws (c) :iconpandaskeeper:
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Ivy (c) me
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SasukeIshMyne Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012
That's so cute. I love how you did this. I hope you get in. :)
slycooper998 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I did. Haven't done and Roleplaying yet but i'm exited and nervous for it!
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Already got in. :dummy:
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Thanks! :3
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I thought that you said she was shiny!! lol She's pretty
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